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NWMLS Form 21 Residential Purchase Sale Agreement Revised 6/06 Page 1 of 4 Copyright 2006 Northwest Multiple Listing Service ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT SPECIFIC TERMS Date Buyer Seller MLS No. Property Tax Parcel Nos. County Washington Street Address Included Items wood stove stove/range satellite dish refrigerator washer security system other dryer dishwasher hot tub fireplace insert Legal Description Purchase Price Earnest Money To be held by...
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Okay hello there this is a tutorial on form 21 if I am writing an offer or even if I am receiving an offer the first thing I want to look at is this revision date right here is this the current form to write an offer on so as of the taping of this tutorial May 23rd 2016 the revision date of 715 is our most current form I want to look at that when I grab a farm to draft or when I receive an offer the date this is just the date that I'm drafting the offer the MLS number I can get from Paragon my offer expiration date sometimes it's missed its kind of hard to see sometimes in the upper right corner how many days am I giving the seller to respond, so this is a great opportunity you guys call the listing agent first ask them is there any activity on your house and ask them are your sellers in town out of town how long do they need to respond to an offer if you don't put anything in here the default is two days, but it's very frustrating as a listing agent when you receive an offer and there's a one-day expiration date and my sellers are out of town for four days or three days had you just called me you would have known that, so it's important in my mind to call the listing agent start establishing that good rapport and ask them this question what's the offer expiration date while you're at it ask them hey what's the sellers names now I'm also going to look on sellers names in Associated docs if there's a form 17 to see if that's listed but another good question to ask the listing agent when you call them on how long does your seller need what name should I put in here buyer line status we forget about status sometimes and this would be husband and wife married couple single female etc so if you forget it like I've forgotten if it's still okay the closer we'll figure it out but if you know it put it in their tax parcel numbers I can get from Exhibit A which should be in associated Docs it could be listed in Paragon now paragraph 5 slow down here put on the brakes on paragraph 5 this is where agents end up spending money you spend money because you do things like sell your you the listing agent, and you end up selling the washer and dryer and refrigerator now making it part of the sale, and it stays with the house when the seller told you and intended to take it with them as a buyer's agent still slow down and make sure you understand what your buyer is expecting to ask for with the purchase of the house this is the paragraph you will write checks on I've done it purchase price how much are we offering earnest money how much are we going to put down for earnest money if you're writing an offer you will never check selling firm well never say never, but we do not have a trust account here at Keller Williams, so we will not be holding the money if you get an offer from another firm that does have a trust account sometimes you'll see this box checked but when I'm drafting an offer here at Keller Williams since we don't have a trust account I'm checking...
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